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Like most major decisions in life, planning for college is best done in advance – when the heat is off.  The following services are a summary of what we offer:

Pre-planning Consultation

We offer a complimentary, one hour consultation to get to know you, explain our services more fully and determine if we can be of help.  Some families will NOT benefit from financial aid consulting and we want to be up front about who we can help and who we cannot.

Financial Aid Consulting

After your free evaluation and we’ve determined that your family would benefit from our services we will meet again to begin gathering information from you.  It is not necessary at this stage to have specific schools picked out.  At this second meeting we will create a timeline for you that includes all the deadlines and decisions that must be made.  Ideally, this process should begin 9 months or more from that date that your student will begin his or her freshman year.  Although we may have a rough idea of what financial aid you qualify for, we won’t know precisely until we enter your data into the “pre-FASFA” system.  This system analyzes your financial data according to the calculations set by the Department of Education.  Once your data in entered, a 20-40 page report is produced which explains in detail the amount of aid that you should qualify for at both public and private schools.

Although the guidelines are very specific, each school has some discretion with regard to how they distribute aid.  Most importantly, this “pre-FASFA” analysis will provide us with an opportunity to make adjustments or corrections to the actual form that gets filed.  This report will also show us what areas, if any, are being counted against you.  For example, some assets, including 529 plans are counted and other assets are not.  Therefore, it is possible that simply shifting assets could result in significant increases in aid that is awarded.  It is during this planning phase that we take the opportunity to explore every possible and legal way to increase your aid package and decrease your out of pocket costs.

Once your forms are ready to be submitted, we submit them for you electronically.  From one central location, your information may be accessed by any school that you choose.


All of our clients are given access to a complimentary assessment tool developed by ACT called Discover.  this comprehensive tool gives your student insight into what types of careers he or she is best suited for.  Since switching majors can be add to your total college expense, we encourage every student to take this test and enter college with a specific goal, not just a degree.

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