graduateDo you want your kids riding home from college on a saddle of debt?

The college decision may be the most important, and the most expensive decision your family will every make. This site is dedicated to helping you through the process of selecting a college and attending it for the least amount of money.

Consider the following:

  • 92% of students will need financial aid
  • The financial aid process is complex and time consuming, but if done properly can pay part of all of a students costs
  • It may actually costs less to attend a private school than a state school

Did you know that according to David Disraeli:

  • You are penalized for having 529 plans and other savings plans?
  • You must apply for financial aid every year your child is in school?
  • 100 points on the SAT can mean $thousands in extra aid?
  • Your student can graduate high school with college credits?
  • Any money in a child’s name counts 20% per year against federal aid?

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